ASIMCO and Cummins Embarking on the New Journey Together

Guangxi Cummins Industrial Power Co., Ltd. (“GCIC”) held a grand ceremony marking its tenth anniversary in Liuzhou on June 27, 2022. As an advanced engine manufacturing base that powers the engineering machinery, GCIC displayed the company’s magnificent achievements over the past decade and the company’s innovation-driven development plan of win-win cooperation with its valuable partners.


AS the strategic supplier of GCIC, ASIMCO’s CEO Li Kaishun was invited to attend the ceremony and receive the award of the ten best “Excellent Supplier”.


Since GCIC was founded, ASIMCO Camshaft and ASIMCO Shuanghuan started to carry out the core value of “Customer Focus and Drive for Excellence”.


When granted the “Best Quality Prize 2021” to ASIMCO Camshaft in May, 2022, GCIC stated that “ASIMCO Camshaft, when faced with an increasingly fierce competition, courageously made innovative exploration, tightly controlled quality by treating quality as the company’s lifeline and provided GCIC with high-quality products, so it has made an impressive contribution to strengthening GCIC’s brand reputation.” Behind the concise comments are ASIMCO Camshaft’s determination and perseverance in striving for excellence and enabling clients’ success. Based on its rigorous quality management system, the company has spared no efforts over the past decade to guarantee the agreed quality and quantity and the timely delivery with 0 PPM, 0 failure or 0 claim for compensation, so the “zero-defect” quality management concept was brought to full play. What’s more, when the company had to reconcile pandemic control and production, it mobilized all the resources possible to ensure the normal operation of GCIC’s production line and met the latter’s production needs in 2021. The company also created a logistics tracking mechanism to tackle any emergencies in the transportation and achieve “zero-delay” in delivery.


ASIMCO Shuanghuan adheres to the core value of “client orientation”. To keep pace with the client’s development of new products, the company tried to stay ahead of the client’s development cycle and support the client’s launch of new products and seizure of market, so the company was well recognized by the client. For the old product’s VAVE plan, the company worked closely with the client to enhance the old product’s performance and reduce costs to forge these products’ competitiveness. What the company did could be seen in GCIC’s comments when the “Best Quality Prize 2021” was granted to the company: “ASIMCO Shuanghuan pursues the client-centered philosophy, continuously increases product quality, improves service level, and manufactures the products that can meet the market demands efficiently and rapidly to support GCIC’s quality improvement.”


At this ceremony that celebrated GCIC’s tenth anniversary, ASIMCO Camshaft and ASIMCO Shuanghuan were both recognized by the title of the ten best “Excellent Supplier”. ASIMCO Shuanghuan was also invited to attend the “Tenth-Anniversary Ceremony Events — 2022 GCIC Quality Day”, and gave a keynote speech “The Client-Oriented Quality for Suppliers”. In fact, GCIC only invited two companies to speak on behalf of all its suppliers in this event.


GCIC’s tenth anniversary not only marked the start of a new journey, but also happened to be ASIMCO’s year of reform that focused on accelerating development, transformation and upgrading. As China’s leading automotive components manufacturer in the field of commercial vehicles and heavy-duty engines, ASIMCO is trying to secure a foothold in the “new energy” track and promote the green innovation of traditional energy when the potentials of traditional business are brought into full play. As ASIMCO’s strategic development objective, implementing intelligent application, improving digital technologies and building a sustainable future are perfectly aligned with GCIC’s future development direction. ASIMCO is ready to march towards the next brilliant decade together with GCIC.


All the operating companies under ASIMCO Group are the suppliers for Cummins’s engine plants in China and six plants in the U.S., Britain and Japan. We’ll remain true to our original aspiration and forge ahead with courage and determination so that we can compose a new chapter with Cummins.