ASIMCO Shanxi Honored as the "Strategic Supplier" for Three Consecutive Years

Hanma Technology awarded the medal of the 2021 “Strategic Supplier” to ASIMCO Shanxi on July 18, 2022. This was the third time since 2019 that the company had been recognized by this honor.


As a national brand with a significant position in China’s heavy-duty truck industry and with a fully autonomous industry chain, Hanma Technology is China’s automotive vehicle export base enterprise, the national “innovative pilot enterprise” and the state-level “green plant”. Hanma Technology owns three brands including CAMC, Xingma and Hanma Power, and its independently developed AMT gearbox. Hanma Technology is ASIMCO Shanxi’s one of key clients.


Currently, Hanma Technology is proactively implementing the policy of carbon neutrality and peaking and taking an initiative to develop the methanol engines. The light-duty engines powered by this fuel have been put into use in some field and have been recognized by the related government authorities. Hanma Technology has introduced this new technology into the platform of commercial vehicles. It’s expected that the methanol-powered heavy-duty engines will embrace a broad development prospect. ASIMCO Shanxi is actively participating in Hanma Technology’s new energy business by developing two ancillary products for the client.


Hanma Technology’s leaders came to attend the medal-awarding event in ASIMCO Shanxi, which showed their recognition of the company’s past business performance and their confidence in the cooperation potentials all the employees in ASIMCO Shanxi will join hands with Hanma Technology to explore the unchartered territory and create a bright future.


The people from two companies were communicating about the existing business and future development at the work site of Yizheng Nahuan Technology Co., Ltd.


As ASIMCO Shuanghuan’s digital factory completed its construction and reached the designed production capacity, the company will uphold its client-centric philosophy and work closely with Foton Cummins to strive for the good results.