2023 ASIMCO Kevin Li Scholarship Fund Announced

The new era is the prime years for all dream chasers and the best time for all youths to pursue their dreams. To encourage the children of ASIMCO Group’s employees to realize their dreams of furthering education and especially encourage them to choose the science and engineering majors and to commit themselves to the future technological development, ASIMCO Group established Kevin Li Scholarship Fund in 2006 to provide assistance to the employees’ children who meet the requirements. According to the Administrative Measures for Kevin Li Scholarship Fund, the group’s management team selected 30 winners after reviewing all the candidates in 2023.


These winners were just the representatives of the employees’ outstanding children. From their self-recommendation letters, it’s easy to get impressed by the young generation’s love of motherland, cherishing of their prime years, courage to conquer hardships and feeling grateful.


We want to give the cordial wish to them. We hope that they will run hard on the track of youth and show the best of their youthful charms. We also give the sincere congratulations to their parents who are staying committed to the job responsibility. We hope that more children will take part in the appraisal and selection of Kevin Li Scholarship Fund.